Rules of the ETA-CRN


A) The name of the working group is "European Thyroid Association Cancer Research Network" (ETA-CRN).

B) The aims of the group are
a. To promote clinical and basic research in the field of thyroid cancer and to improve knowledge of this disease.
b. To organise annual meetings as a satellite symposium to the annual ETA meeting or elsewhere.
c. To organise postgraduate courses in thyroid carcinoma.
d. To promote the activities related to thyroid cancer together in connection with ETA.

C) The working group shall provide a report of group activities at the Annual ETA Meeting and will also report to the ETA president and ETA ExCom.

The working group shall be active in stimulating multidisciplinary activities in thyroid cancer research and patient care. A programme for this ambition should be worked out.


is confined to persons who are active in experimental and clinical investigation of thyroid cancer and with residence or place of work within Europe or any country bordering the Mediterranean Sea, as well as other countries accepted by the ETA as membership countries.

Participants who have attended at least two ETA-CRN meetings within the last 4 years may apply for status of an ETA-CRN Member and by this will be informed on all ETA-CRN activities and have priority access to ETA-CRN meetings.
Emilia Wilk, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrine Oncology, MSC Memorial Cancer Center, Gliwice Branch, Gliwice, Poland (assistant to ETA-CRN Secretary) is the person responsible for collection of ETA-CRN membership applications. Applications should be sent to An application form is available here (PDF).

In general ETA-CRN members are encouraged to become ETA members. This is not compulsory, however, it is required to become an Ordinary ETA member to be entitled to voting for the ETA-CRN Committee.

3. ETA-CRN Committee

A) The officers of the ETA-CRN Committee are the Group Leader, the Secretary, the Treasurer and four Board Members.

B) The Group Leader is elected by the Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN members attending the annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting. The Group leader shall serve for a two year period and is eligible for immediate re-election for a further period.

C) The Secretary is elected by the Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN members attending the annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting.  The Secretary shall serve for a five year period.

D) The Treasurer is elected by the Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN members attending the annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting.  The treasurer shall serve for a five year period.

F) The four Board Members are elected by Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN members attending the annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting. The board members shall serve for a period of two years and can be re-elected once.

G) Candidates for the ETA-CRN Committee may be proposed by any ETA-CRN member, however only Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN member are entitled to voting.

H) If no Business Meeting takes place at the end of the 2 or 5- year serving period of the ETA-CRN Committee, the elections take place at the next Annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting.

I) The ETA-CRN Committee shall have the rights to establish sub-committees to work on specific problems.


ETA-CRN shall organise at least one annual meeting on thyroid carcinoma. A balance between presentation of data in scientific symposia and meetings aiming at discussing clinical and research issues relating to diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer within the group should be attempted.  The date, place and format of the meetings shall be proposed by the ETA-CRN Committee and agreed with the ETA. Ideally, the ETA-CRN symposium and annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting should take place in close connection with the Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association (ETA).

Generally an ETA-CRN Business meeting is organized annually and will include voting for new ETA-CRN Committee members after:
1. two-year serving period of ETA-CRN Group Leader and Board Members
2. five-year serving period of Secretary and Treasurer

At least 2 months before the voting, the ETA-CRN secretary sends ballots per email to all ETA-CRN members to ask for candidate proposals. Proposals must be sent to the ETA-CRN Secretary 4 weeks before the annual meeting at the latest. Proposals are subsequently viewed and approved by the ETA-CRN Committee. Candidates are then informed of their nomination and asked to provide a CV for presentation at the annual ETA-CRN Business meeting.

All ETA-CRN Members are invited to attend the annual ETA-CRN Business meeting, however only Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN members are entitled to voting.

The ETA-CRN Committee itself may have additional committee meetings to discuss and prepare projects of ETA-CRN.

The following topics will be part of the annual ETA-CRN Business Meeting:
1.    Voting for new ETA-CRN Committee members
2.    Report of ETA-CRN Board
3.    Report of audit on ETA-CRN account
4.    Resolution of audited account
5.    Resolution of ETA-CRN Committee
6.    Voting on ETA-CRN Committee proposals
7.    Discussion on ETA-CRN projects and annual meetings


There is no ETA-CRN membership fee. A fee for the annual ETA-CRN meeting to cover catering, travel expenses of invited speakers, and maintance of website is proposed by the ETA-CRN Committee and is agreed during the annual Business Meeting.


The annual accounts shall be submitted to two auditors, elected among the Ordinary ETA/ETA-CRN members.  The accounts shall be approved at the annual Business Meeting.


The rules may be amended by a two-third vote of ETA-CRN members present at the annual Business Meeting.  Notice in writing of a proposed amendment must be sent, at least 2 months in advance to the Secretary, who will by letter notify all ETA-CRN members of the proposed amendment. Votes for amendments agreed during the ETA-CRN Business meeting will be forwarded by the Secretary to the ETA president and ETA ExCom for approval.

Draft prepared by Malgorzata Oczko-Wojciechowska and Dagmar Fuehrer, Gliwice/Essen  2015

Changes as discussed at Business meetings and unanimously agreed by voting by all ETA-CRN Committee members elected in Sep 2013.

*The ETA-CRN application form is available on the ETA-CRN website and includes, position, affiliation, email address, reason for interest in ETA-CRN and status of ETA membership